Troughs Zekan

Most used highly mechanically resistant PVC split duct for cables and cable assemblies protection

Plates Dekab

The widest range of cover plates and rolls from PVC and PE to provide increased protection for all types of engineering networks

PVC pipes

A wide range of round cable ducts in different classes of carrying capacity for protection of all types of engineering networks

Manholes Zekan

Modular system of manholes from HDPE for easy access during network installation, review and administration fulfilling the highest demands

Other products

Plastic tube covers and plastic sleeves under isolators

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Who we are and what we do ?

Company information

CWS Ltd. is a manufacturer and trading company, acting as a supplier of plastic products mainly from PE and PVC for power industry, telecommunication industry, development of railway corridors and other underground utilities.  These products are used as a protection for cables running underground (cable troughs ZEKAN, protective tubes, cable cover plates DEKAB, cable manholes ZEKAN, etc.)

From the very beginning the products of CWS Ltd. company have been developed in order to increase the utility value of cable lines in comparison to previously used but now obsolete materials and constructions (concrete troughs, concrete slabs, masonry chambers, ....) The emphasis is put on improving the mechanical strength of these products while reducing the cost of installation and transportation.

We have extensive experience in development and manufacturing of products not included in our basic portfolio. In case a customer requires such product, our company can provide a team of experienced and qualified staff who are able to process a complete price quotation and subsequently arrange for manufacturing of this product.