Troughs Zekan

Most used highly mechanically resistant PVC split duct for cables and cable assemblies protection

Plates Dekab

The widest range of cover plates and rolls from PVC and PE to provide increased protection for all types of engineering networks

PVC pipes

A wide range of round cable ducts in different classes of carrying capacity for protection of all types of engineering networks

Manholes Zekan

Modular system of manholes from HDPE for easy access during network installation, review and administration fulfilling the highest demands

Other products

Plastic tube covers and plastic sleeves under isolators

Cable troughs Zekan

TypeMaterialWidth aHeight bThikness cWeight 1m/kg*Palett quantity
Zekan 1 PVC 100 mm 100 mm 5 mm 3,7 kg 140 m
Zekan 2 PVC 120 mm 100 mm 4 mm 3,0 kg 112 m
Zekan 3 PVC 130 mm 140 mm 5 mm 4,5 kg 84 m
Zekan 4 PVC 200 mm 126 mm 5,4 mm 5,5 kg 70 m



* - weights are approximate 

Additional assortment :

  • Couplings

Spojka Zekan

  • Fittings, bends: T pieces, 30°, 60°

Ohyb 30  Ohyb 60  T kus

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