1993  Founding of the company


CWS Ltd. was founded on June 2nd, 1993 and entered in the Business Registry.  The key activities at that time were selling and servicing of computer equipment

1995 Co-operation with REHAU Company



CWS established close cooperation relationship with Prague branch of German company  REHAU.  Mainly in the field of sales and distribution systems for cable laying both internal and external 

1996 Cable trough ZEKAN


In this year company developed and subsequently started producing cable trough ZEKAN 1 and 2.  The trough has been designed to retain the same mechanical properties (compared to original concrete trough) and at the same time decrease the labor and transportation costs. The possibility of having color and identification marks plays a significant role as well

1998 Cable cover plates DEKAB


During the telecommunication boom in CR, CWS company became one of the leading suppliers of cable cover plates DEKAB replacing outdated technology of cable protection ie brick or concrete slabs

2005 Introductory notes on railways


After complex and demanding tests SŽDC issued "Introductory note" which permits the use and installation of cable troughs ZEKAN in the construction of railway networks and corridors. In 2009 the permission was extended to use other types of cable troughs ZEKAN with accessories

2008 Special products development



Based on demand of energy market CWS company developed new products intended for installation in the grid

2009 Cable trough ZEKAN with coextrusion layer, fittings


We continued in the development and improved utility value of cable troughs ZEKAN. The lid was fitted with color coextrusion layer which allows color identification of the trough depending on the investor preference and at the same time guarantees short-term UV stability. The portfolio was further extended by a range of fittings

2010 Production plant in Ledeč nad Sázavou


In January  2010 the company acquired production plant area (15.000 m2) in Ledeč nad Sázavou, Vysočina. The production of cable troughs and cover plates started n April 7th, 2010

In the same year, the company obtained „Permitting note PL 01/10" to use cable troughs ZEKAN in construction of railway corridors in the Slovak Republic

2011 Cable chambers ZEKAN


Using the latest technology of pressure molding, we expanded the range of products for cable protection by introducing modular system of heavy-duty cable chambers. These chambers can be used for connecting cable (PVC pipes, corrugated pipes), to create a conduit system easily accessible being this a modern element of infrastructure

2012 PVC tubes


Production of PVC tubes was the next logical step to secure the position of the leading supplier of a complete range of products for the protection of underground cables in the country