Why CWS ?

20 years in business

CWS company, hence its longtime workers, have long and extensive experience in the development, manufacture and sale of products with high utility value. Our specialization is   maximum cable protection.

Specialization – cable protection

We continuously focus on one area of ​​application of our products. Our staff  have then detailed overview of this particular issue, great experience and all the necessary contacts needed for development, protection, standardization and sale of products used to protect cables.

Introductory and permitting notes, product standardization

As one of few companies, we passed an intensive testing process which is required to ensure the necessary licensing documentation for the application of our products on the railway (in Czech and Slovak Republic) and the distribution of power energy.

Legal protection of our products

Currently we own a few utility models for the design of our products, ensuring protection against plagiarism.


Our products have been used in many demanding applications - such as the protection of underground utilities at airports, major energy buildings, industrial sites and other demanding applications (eg protection for weak-current, strong-current and gas lines installed during the reconstruction of Charles Bridge)


The quality of our products is also supported by the fact that there was a significant increase in exports to the most demanding markets of Western Europe last year. We were also successful to push our products through complex markets of former Soviet republics

Own development

Our staff has experience in product development, using software to optimize the material, technical and structural design of new products and we can provide a broad portfolio of consultants either from universities or private institutions. As part of the development process we provide a free quotation, appropriate design and material solutions for the product, 3D visualization and product protection whether in the form of a patent or utility model.